It’s Not Only About the Number on the Scale

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

At the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre, we understand that the number on the scale is not the primary goal when making a decision to undergo bariatric surgery, but more so of the improvement of your overall health that matters the most. The moment you say to yourself “I never knew I could do that!” you think, why didn’t I do this earlier?

It is important to us that you have your own definition of success. SmartShape coaches will help you achieve your goal but the goal has to be defined by you. Studies show, in the course of two years, there have been noted substantial health benefits with bariatric surgeries. Diabetes is one of the top comorbidities associated with obesity. In 2009, Health Canada approved the Lap-Band system, used at SmartShape, as a treatment option for type II diabetes. Research has shown 80% improvements in patients with this co-morbidity.

Remember that success is not only defined by the number on the scale, but also but those winning milestones such as reducing medication intake; being able to play with your kids without getting easily exhausted or maybe fitting in to your favorite jeans that you wore a long time ago.

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