Mini Gastric Bypass a Lifesaver!

Jeff BeforeJeff After Suit

Jeff was tired of “yo-yo” dieting. He had always had weight issues, with his biggest problem being portion control, so he would fight back with constant dieting only to regain any weight he had lost each time. Lifestyle also played a part in Jeff’s weight issues, as like many people today, his weight gains were usually prompted by stress, work-related travel and long hours.

Jeff was also becoming increasingly concerned about his weight-related health issues which included diabetes and high blood pressure.

Once Jeff had decided that he wanted to do more than just another diet, he spent time thoroughly researching all bariatric procedures extensively, and determined that the Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB), and a commitment to follow the post-surgery protocols accompanying that procedure, meant the MGB would be the perfect procedure for him.

Along with his extensive research on bariatric procedures themselves, Jeff also researched his options for where to have his procedure. He was impressed with the vast experience of the Surgeon at SmartShape, and after contacting SmartShape to learn more about the MGB and the team there behind the procedure, he found everyone to be experienced, technically able and very helpful with any questions he had.

Here, in his own words, is how Jeff felt once he had the MGB procedure done at SmartShape, including how the Surgeon went above and beyond regarding a serious health condition discovered during Jeff’s surgery:

“My experience with the staff for starters was nothing short of spectacular! Very knowledgeable, attentive, kind and considerate. Margeaux was particularly helpful with my nutrition and blood sugar issues prior to surgery. The rest of the staff were all very helpful, kind and considerate throughout the day and night both, with making me as comfortable as possible. As for the Surgeon, again nothing short of spectacular. He was very helpful with some pre-operative issues and questions I had (to the extent of personally calling me), was very reassuring before and after the surgery, and just had an aura about him of “you are in good hands – relax and look forward to your new future.” Also, the doctor found a large tumour attached to the exterior of my stomach wall and went ahead and excised it and sent it to pathology. He would have been entitled to stich me up and just let me know that I had a tumour that needed dealt with, but he went the extra mile and possibly saved my life.

Since Jeff’s Mini Gastric Bypass surgery with SmartShape, he has been able to ask additional questions of the Surgeon, and has also had correspondence with the nutrition team. He was also impressed that the nursing team was so caring, “in particular Tina, who made the effort to call me post-surgery and ask how I was doing!”

Overall, Jeff feels that the SmartShape Surgeon “has assembled an educated and great team and should be very proud of each and every one of them.”

As for the surgery itself, Jeff is so happy he made the decision – he is down 48 pounds in just 6 weeks (29 since the procedure date a few short weeks ago) and is looking forward to a new and better life ahead. His bucket list is ready and he has already knocked a few things off of it not the least of which is being able to bend over and tie up his shoes!

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