More people commenting on my weight loss

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Just HAD to send you an email – as of this morning I have lost 55.2 lbs!! I am officially under the 200 lb mark and met my first goal since the surgery. I can’t believe how well this is working for me – although I do understand that the band isn’t a magic bullet and I have worked to meet this first goal. It’s just so pleasant to be getting back into size 16 and some 14’s again – I have cleaned out my closet of all the size 22’s, 20’s, and 18’s and am determined to NEVER see that size in my closet again! Now I am really looking forward to seeing size 12 and 10 … and I am getting more people commenting on the weight loss. I sure wish I had looked into this earlier, but even at 63 it’s making a huge difference. Anyway, I’m having a very happy Friday and wanted to gloat just a little! Hope you also have a fantastic Friday and great weekend!

Thanks again, Katie