Naomi’s Story

smartshape naomi success

Naomi B&AI had my second pregnancy in July 2015 after which I did not lose any weight. I was 266 pounds and everyday things became harder for me to do, I was tired and depressed. I couldn’t do a lot of things with my kids and I felt I was missing out on a life I was supposed have. Instead of living I was just existing. There were two instances that I remember that told me I had to do something – the first was when I took my kids sledding and I couldn’t make it up the hill more than a couple of times; the second was when we were at Wonderland, I was stuck on a ride and had to get the man beside me to unbuckle the seatbelt for me. That is when I knew a change had to be made.

I was really interested in the lap band but after researching and speaking with the SmartShape Surgeon, I decided that the sleeve was the best fit for my specific goals.

I chose SmartShape because everyone I spoke to at the office was professional and very helpful at explaining what the process was. And having direct contact with a Surgeon was also very helpful, and he was very kind.

At the beginning I was unsure of how everything was supposed to go and the nurses where very helpful when I called in to ask questions.

I recommended everyone I know to go to the SmartShape Centre. They were all amazing and took very good care of me while I was there. Just want to say thank you for the experience and the kindness that everyone showed me.


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