Nutrition Month 2020 – More than Food

March is Nutrition Month. This year’s theme “More than Food” is focused on our eating habits and behaviours, rather than simply the food choices we make. Although selecting healthy food choices plays an important role in any diet; how, when, where and why we eat and drink is equally important.

Don’t forget to consider your eating habits when analyzing your food and nutrition, and remember to:

  • Eat mindfully
    • Remember to listen to your body and follow your hunger and satiety signals. Don’t be afraid to take your time when eating to allow yourself to fully appreciate your food. Live in the moment and focus on the flavour, texture, temperate, smell and taste to enhance your food experiences.
  • Cook more often
    • Cooking your own meals allows you to be in full control. Although it may be tempting to grab a fast burger or to enjoy the pleasures of a sit-down restaurant, aim to cook from home most frequently. This allows you to be more mindful of the foods you consume and for the selection of healthier food options.
  • Enjoy your food and eat with others
    • Food is about way more than the physical items themselves. Make your cultural food items and enjoy your food traditions to get the most out of your eating experiences. Eat your meals with other to promote a social environment and to enhance your meals.

For more information, visit Canada’s Food Guide: and

Contributor: Ellen Leurer

Registered Dietitian, SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

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