Obesity surgery is not just about the surgery

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Obesity surgery is one part of a comprehensive lifelong plan. As with any surgery, good long-term outcomes depend heavily on what happens before, during and after the procedure. This includes pre op education and multi-disciplinary post-operative support. Bariatric surgery of any type should not be presented as a quick fix; the benefits of bariatric surgery are augmented by lifestyle changes in addition to the physical changes that surgery provides. Whether a patient has a Lap-Band® or a Gastric Sleeve, lifestyle changes are imperative to ensure a successful outcome. Without long-term follow-up, results may be less than optimum, and in some cases may result in returning weight re-gain or other complications that may be prevented through professional monitoring.

Obesity has been recognized as a chronic disease and as most people with obesity issues can tell you, theirs has most often been a lifelong battle and journey. Most obese individuals have been through many attempts at losing weight but unfortunately, most non-surgical weight loss programs are rarely successful at achieving significant and sustained weight loss. Many individuals are coming to the realization that they need to make a major change to ensure a lasting change and outcome. Research shows that the weight loss options offered at SmartShape and the continued intervention involving personal contact leads to better weight-loss maintenance (at five years) than time-limited self-directed management.

If commercial weight loss programs or diets were successful we would not be dealing with the ongoing obesity crisis in Canada and the rest of the developed world. The reasons for obesity are many – some genetic and some environmental. It is complicated to navigate all the issues around its cause and persistence, however, studies consistently show that bariatric surgery provides the most successful long term results to combat obesity.

Just as with other disease areas that require professional care and support on an ongoing basis so too does bariatric surgery. Your family physician monitors your weight, blood pressure and other health parameters on a regular basis. You should be able to count on the clinic where you have bariatric surgery to offer ongoing aftercare to their patients as well.

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre prides itself on the excellent care we provide to our patients during your complete weight loss journey. We know this is critical to your success. If you are considering surgery, you owe it to yourself and to your success to get the help you need and deserve.

Obesity surgery is NOT just about the surgery!


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