Post Surgery Exercise Program

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Once you have had your Lap-Band surgery, you can jump start your journey to better health by starting an exercise program, it does not have to be an all out, over the top program. Your body is probably not ready for that so you should start out slow, something that is low impact but enough to keep you on track to maintain effective weight loss in your daily routine.  Many patients don’t realize the benefits that low-impact exercises can have on the body, especially right after your surgery. The truth is that low impact exercise will benefit the body immensely when done routinely.

5 TIPS to Kick Off Your Exercise Program

Here are some things to help kick off your program:

1. Get Advice.

Goals need to be discussed with a healthcare professional to determine how rigidly the exercise program can be undertaken, as well as any risks that it may pose to the well-being of the patient. A doctor is able to recommend the correct exercises and the techniques in which the exercises can be undertaken. The doctor will be able to monitor the progress from the weight loss programs and make recommendations for future exercise and diet.

2. Set Goals You Can Reach.

Many patients come out of the gates running; they don’t realize that beginning a healthy and active lifestyle occurs in small steps especially considering that immediately following your Lap-Band surgery you will not be ready to do the kind of exercises that you may be more prepared for 4 to 6 months down the road. It is important to have realistic expectations when beginning an exercise program and combine the program with adequate diet and nutritious foods. By starting slow, the body adjusts to the workout routine and eventually will build stamina within the body. Over time, stamina will increase and the body will adjust to longer and more strenuous periods of exercise. These realistic short term goals will lead to long term goals that will preserve your health while creating safe and effective weight loss. You will find yourself very surprised during the process that something that got you winded a few weeks ago is very easy today.

3. Get Going.

There are many simple ways that activity can be added into the routine on a daily basis. Simply increasing the amount of walking that is completed throughout the day, such as walking to retrieve the mail, or walking to the end of the block with the dog can increase stamina, burn calories and create muscle within the body. Walking can be implemented into the working routine by taking advantage of breaks. As little as ten to fifteen minutes of physical activity per day can act as a major step into an active lifestyle and expedite the weight loss process. Adding an extra minute to a routine, or lifting your knees a little higher all makes a difference in the big picture. Take it slow and don’t over do it.

4. Plan Your Exercise.

Like everything in life, an exercise plan is unique to each individual undergoing the weight loss program. Use the tools that you have within the home to implement your weight loss routine, such as cans or bottles filled with water a substitute for weights. Use what works for you, and you will find success within your weight loss program. You can learn to combine these exercises with additional hobbies which can lead to an all-around active lifestyle. Maybe you have a child who plays ball, or likes to ride a bike, maybe now would be the time to join in?

5. Stick With It.

Although an exercise plan may be difficult to stick to, consider making it part of your daily routine. Use short term goals to remain motivated by the weight loss routine, and celebrate weight loss with active living rewards. Surround yourself with people who are also interested in living an active lifestyle. Remember, that small changes lead to large changes, which lead to an overall change in lifestyle. Plateaus occur and it is acceptable to miss a couple of days on a weight loss program. The most important part is to return to the program and continue with the regimen. Having patience with yourself, above all, can reap the most rewards. Remember that when your day gets busy, don’t let the exercise routine be the thing that gets postponed or forgotten about. You have worked so hard and made so many sacrifices to get where you are now, so don’t let it all go south when you get busy or overwhelmed. The best time for some exercise is when you are stressed as it helps you focus and gives you time to focus and regroup.