Preparing for Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Preparing for Your Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Safe and minimally-invasive, gastric sleeve surgery is one of four modern weight loss procedures offered at the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre. The gastric sleeve is most often recommended for patients who struggle with obesity or morbid obesity, and who have been unsuccessful with traditional weight loss solutions. It is perhaps one of the safest and most reliable options for significant and sustained weight loss. On average, patients can lose up to 70% of their excess weight, with most of that loss occurring in the first year. By taking a few smart steps and effectively preparing for your gastric sleeve surgery, you can increase the amount of weight you lose and become more successful at keeping it off for good. Read on for more!

Why Should I Prepare for the Gastric Sleeve?

Undergoing weight loss surgery can be a challenging experience for many people. It’s always a good idea to prepare physically and mentally to help reduce stress, minimize the risk of complications and increase the amount of weight you lose. Patients who lose weight in preparation for their gastric sleeve surgery typically lose more weight than those who don’t and are less likely to revert to poor eating habits once their surgery is complete. So, the sooner you start preparing for your gastric sleeve surgery, the better your weight-loss outcome will be.

Start with Realistic Expectations

Expecting to be a super-model thin immediately after gastric sleeve surgery is unrealistic. Keep in mind that the gastric sleeve is a procedure that reduces the size of your stomach to help you with portion control. Within the first year you can expect to lose half of your excess weight, but then you might hit a plateau. It may take another year in which to fully achieve your weight loss goals, both on and off the scale.

Make the Necessary Lifestyle Changes

Gastric sleeve surgery can change your life for the better, especially for patients struggling with obesity and some of the complications that can arise from that, such as type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. By adopting healthier habits and having constant awareness of food behaviors and choices, you can increase the possibility of losing more excessive weight while aiding a smoother and seamless post-surgery transition.

Don’t Go It Alone

Your gastric sleeve surgery will affect not just you, but your family and friends as well. If you can get them on board at the beginning of the process, it will help the preoperative and postoperative periods be much more manageable. Seek out your primary care provider if you’re thinking about surgery and enlist someone to help you keep a track of your weight loss milestones to keep you motivated. Getting the right support is critical for lasting weight loss success, which is why the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre offers an exclusive five-year aftercare program for all our patients.

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