Does Private Health Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

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You may be surprised to learn that public facilities only perform about one-third of all weight loss surgeries in Canada, while private clinics account for the remaining two-thirds. The average wait time for publicly-funded weight loss surgery in Canada is up to 5 years, which can be a long time for patients struggling with weight-related health issues (1, 2). The types of weight loss procedures offered in public hospitals is also limited. In Ontario, OHIP offers the gastric bypass procedure to most patients who meet their qualifications. Rarely, the gastric sleeve will be offered to a small patient population who suffer from severe scarring or a medical condition that would make a gastric bypass procedure risky.

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What Are My Options for Financing Weight Loss Surgery at a Private Clinic?

Many patients ask if their private health insurance will cover some of their weight loss surgery expenses. Most personal insurance plans do not cover weight loss surgery at this point in time. However, if weight loss surgery at a private clinic is the best option for you, there are several financing options available to apply for. You may also quality for a federal medical tax credit for medically necessary procedures. Talk to your financial advisor or accountant to see if you qualify for a medical tax credit.

When you choose SmartShape for your private weight loss surgery in Toronto, Ontario, your surgery will be completed at a private hospital facility by our experienced registered bariatric surgeon, and you’ll be enrolled in our 5-Year AfterCare Success Program. This unique program will provide you with 24/7 access to our team of registered dietitians, nurses, and surgeons, in addition to your follow-up care appointments. You can learn more about what’s included in the cost of each procedure at SmartShape here.

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SmartShape Weight Loss Centre 

Have you been researching weight loss methods and struggling with your weight? SmartShape Weight Loss Centre in Toronto, Ontario may be an option to consider. If diet and exercise haven’t worked for you, weight loss surgery in Canada is a safe and effective way to lose weight. We understand that obesity is a disease and will help you regain your life.

SmartShape works with Canadians to help them lose excess weight sustainably. Our expert weight loss team will help you achieve your goals and regain your confidence. We offer several weight loss surgery options in Toronto, Ontario, including the gastric sleevemini gastric bypass surgery, Lap-Band (gastric band).

SmartShape’s team of registered weight loss surgeons and our clinical Aftercare Success team will be available to support you throughout your weight loss journey. Our unique 5-Year AfterCare Success Program ensures patients have 24/7 access to our team of dietitians, nurses, and weight loss surgeons for 5 years after their weight loss surgery.

Explore our weight loss surgery procedures and read our patient success stories to learn more about weight loss surgery in Toronto, Canada. Please contact us to schedule a complimentary virtual consultation with our weight loss surgeons to discuss which weight loss surgery is right for your needs.