Realistic Weight Goals for the Holiday Season

It’s no secret that during the holiday months we tend to indulge, and maybe for some, overindulge: whether that means grabbing a second helping of turkey dinner, enjoying a few extra drinks when celebrating with friends, or eating some of the readily accessible holiday goodies around the office. Food is all around during this time of year, and for those trying to lose weight, that often presents a challenge.

Many individuals think to themselves: “why try to lose weight at all when I’m destined to fail?” or “with all this delicious food around, I may as well give up on healthy eating and indulge. ‘Tis the season, right?”

Weight gain and weight loss are often discussed; however, there is a third stage in everyone’s weight journey that is often overlooked: weight maintenance.

Weight maintenance refers to a period of time when weight is neither rising nor falling; it’s simply remaining stagnant. The holidays are a perfect time of year to shine a spotlight on this phenomenon.

Instead of trying to lose weight while being surrounded by the delicious holiday food, why not aim to maintain your weight over the holidays?  Ditch the stress of trying to lose a few pounds between all your holiday parties, and avoid that discouraged feeling you get when you weigh yourself and notice the pounds just aren’t dropping.

Of course, aiming for your weight to remain stable does not mean you should avoid healthy eating all together and completely forego your nutrition principles. But remember, food is about more than just calories or nourishment. Food has cultural significance, is associated with friendship and family, and is about pleasure.

This holiday season, don’t feel guilty when you have a small slice of pie, or decide to grab a little extra turkey or stuffing. Life is too short to be stressed about losing weight over the holidays. Be realistic! In this situation, maintaining is the best progress possible.

We hope you have a great holiday season, and a happy New Year!

Contributor: Ellen Leurer

Registered Dietitian, SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

1 (888) 278-7952 | [email protected]

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