Revision Bariatric Surgery with SmartShape

smartshape revision bariatric surgery

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre has been performing Revision Surgery since 2009 with hundreds of revisions performed since that time. People have come to SmartShape for Revision Surgery because they’ve had problems due to an inferior gastric band, or have had Bariatric surgery outside Canada and have developed complications, or some have not achieved the results they hoped for with their initial procedure.

Revision Surgery – What is it?

Revision Surgery refers to procedures performed on patients who have already had Bariatric Surgery. (i.e., Vertical Banded Gastroplasty or VBG, Gastric Band,  Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve) and have either had complications, or have regained or failed to lose weight successfully from the initial surgery. Some other issues that may make you consider Revision Surgery are: severe persistent reflux, food intolerance, band slips or erosions, or even historic bariatric procedures that are no longer performed which may need to be revised or reversed.

How Revision Surgery Works

Your SmartShape surgeon will help you decide which Revision Surgery would best suit your needs. Depending on the initial Bariatric Procedure we may recommend Lap-Band, Gastric Sleeve or Mini Gastric Bypass. There are many options available depending on the specific reasons why Revision Surgery is being considered.

The SmartShape™ Advantage

Learning about Revision Surgery at SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre is the first step in your weight loss journey. We know that some procedures do not work for some patients, but there are options available. SmartShape is Canada’s leading bariatric surgery clinic who can provide you with information about your options.

Connect with one of our Program Advisors today to learn more about how SmartShape can help you to have the right revision procedure right now. You can reach us at (888) 278-7952 or at