Revision Surgery offered at SmartShape Toronto North Clinic

Are you thinking of looking into having Revision Bariatric surgery? SmartShape Weight Loss Centre has been performing Revision Surgery since 2009, performing hundreds of bariatric revisions. Revision Surgery is a surgical procedure performed on patients who have already undergone a form of Bariatric Surgery (i.e. Gastric Band, or Gastric Bypass) and have not had the desired results. Some people have come to SmartShape for Revision Surgery because they’ve had problems due to an inferior gastric band, some because they’ve had Bariatric surgery out of the Country and have experienced complications, or for other reasons.

Depending on the Revision Surgery that would best suit your needs, the initial Bariatric Procedure would be ‘revised’ (for example; the gastric band would be removed), and the new Bariatric Procedure would be performed.

SmartShape’s Revision surgeries are performed at our Don Mills clinic. All surgeries performed at the SmartShape Don Mills clinic utilize the latest techniques and the best equipment available. The highly qualified, experienced healthcare team at SmartShape’s Don Mills clinic is carefully selected for their exceptional professional qualifications and their dedication to the care of patients.

Centrally located and accessible to major highways, SmartShape’s Don Mills surgical clinic is located at 20 Wynford Drive in Toronto.

To find out if you are a candidate for Revision bariatric surgery at our Don Mills clinic, speak with one of our Program Advisors today to book a consultation with a Surgeon. Call (888) 278-7952 or email us at [email protected].