Samantha’s Story

Smaantha Before & After Mini Gastric Bypass at SmartShape

The primary reason I chose to have bariatric surgery was to improve my overall health and to be able to enjoy my children more.  Another reason was because I was so ashamed of how I looked. I always felt like people were looking at me, judging me when I went out in public.

When I was younger I didn’t have any weight issues, but once I hit 23 the weight kept on adding up, and then I had children (2), and then developed hypertension and sleep apnea.  And before I knew it I was too big to do anything active and as a result I just kept adding on weight.

I had read about all of the surgeries out there but something about the MGB (Mini Gastric Bypass) seemed to be the right fit for me.  When I went on bariatric chat boards it seemed that many people who had other surgeries may have had problems, but I rarely heard anybody having major problems with the MGB.  The fact that it has comparable results to the other bariatric surgeries and is a safer version of the gastric bypass (because of only one connection of the anastomosis and being reversible) and a faster recovery were deciding factors.

 SmartShape offered the MGB and I found the SmartShape surgeon and his staff were very accommodating – I was shocked that he called me at home himself to explain the surgery and answer any of my questions.

Regarding the staff – from my initial contact, to my call with the doctor, to my follow-up with the nurses at the facility, and all of the calls and emails with nurses and the [dietitian] have been first class. Six months after my MGB, the SmartShape surgeon even took out my gallbladder, because the ER doctor I went to about the pain never got back to me, and the SmartShape surgeon was able to take care of it quickly.  He is the greatest!

 I have contacted the nurses several times to ask questions about a few pains I was having (gallstones) and about prescriptions.  I have also been in contact with the nutritionist to make sure that I am still on the right track.

 I am grateful for my new life.  I can do anything that I want now – I swim, I run, I kayak, I do yoga, I go skiing and tobogganing. All of these things were just a dream before I lost the weight.  The greatest and most surprising outcome of my weight loss has been the better mental health that I have obtained.  I used to constantly think about my weight with self-loathing, about how bad I looked and what I should eat to fix it. I would eat to soothe those bad feelings, and I would be wondering if people were snickering at me because of how I looked.  I wouldn’t be lying if I said these issues consumed 90% of my daily thoughts. Now I just go about my daily life enjoying everything that life has to offer, without any negative self-talk.  It has freed up so much mental space in my head, to look at things positively and as a result, my life feels pretty damn near perfect!


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