Saying Goodbye to Summer

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I once read somewhere that we should shorten the long dreary days of winter by combining February and March into the month of “Farch”. I LOVE this idea. And as I sit here on vacation watching the clouds sail by and the waves roll in I wish with all my heart that summer was just beginning and not coming quickly to a close!

Having said that however I do love Autumn and all that it brings. The weather is still lovely although the nights blissfully cooler.  The leaves start to turn their vibrant colours and the fall vegetables are at their peak. To me Autumn has the feel of “New Years” as we lose the laziness of summer and gear up for school, work, projects and activities.

September always brings with it a crazy sort of business to the clinic as well. Holidays are over and reality sets in..its back to business!  Its funny because in the spring we often think “well winter is over so I’m going to eat better and get more active”!  Then September arrives and its “well it was summer and there were lots of BBQ’s, more alcohol and it was too hot to exercise”.  Before we know it  winter is upon us and its holidays, comfort food and “too cold to exercise”…hmmm…I don’t profess to be genius but there does seems to be a pattern emerging and one that can be detrimental to a healthy lifestyle!

NOW is the time to start being good to yourself and to start taking care of yourself. No one else is going to do it for us (at least not until we need our diapers changed and let’s not even go there).  If you have been putting off proper diet or regular exercise until “the right time” start TODAY..not Monday or September or at the next full moon.  Remember “there is no time like the present” to start taking care of yourself and loving yourself. 

And if you have enjoyed a summer of decadence…well so be it! Look back without guilt but with fond memories and look forward to healthy living and renewed energy!

Yours in Health and Fitness,


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