Simple and Fun Outdoor Exercises to Try This Summer

Runner athlete preparing to run the outdoor

Looking for a way to spice up your workouts? Well, lucky for you summer has arrived! What better way to get your workout in, than to head outside and break a sweat? You can take advantage of just about any outdoor space to get a quick or complete workout in. So, grab your running shoes, fill up your water bottle, and plan the best workout playlist – and let’s go!

1. The Park Bench Boot Camp

Why not head to a local park to burn some calories?

Start your park bench boot camp with some steps on an unoccupied bench. Start out slowly and carefully until you feel comfortably balanced, then you can increase your intensity. If you aren’t comfortable with the height of the bench, go for a quick run or do some jumping jacks.

It’s time for some push-ups. Place your hands on the edge of the bench and walk your legs backwards until you are in a comfortable push-up position. Complete roughly 8-12 push-ups and then move to tricep dips.

Sit on the park bench and grip your hands onto the edge of your seat. Walk your legs out forward until your shoulders are above your hands with elbows locked and arms straight. Lower your upper body until your elbows are bent about halfway, and then bring yourself back up. Complete about 8-10 of these to tone those arms!

Complete three sets for each workout, alternating them in a circuit.

2. Lunge and Squat Your Way to Perfect Glutes

Time to work those legs! Find a path or park that isn’t too busy to do some lunges and squats. If you’re lucky enough to have a track at your local park, that’s even better. Start out with a light jog for about 1-2 minutes. Slow your pace and move your body into a walking lunge. Complete about 10-15 lunges.

Once you’ve caught your breath and stretched your legs for a moment, it’s time for some squats. You don’t have a trainer or mirror nearby, like at the gym, so you really have to pay attention to how you’re completing the squat. Make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart and are both facing straight. Really get deep into the squat, as though you’re trying to sit in a chair that’s just too far away. Try to complete 10-15 squats and really work those glutes!

3. Full-Body Tree Jumps

This exercise is quick, fun, and super simple! Find a grassy area with a tree that has lower branches. Standing below one of the branches, use your entire body to jump as high as you possibly can. Really stretch your arms, so you can touch the branch as you reach the full potential of your jump.

Don’t stop at one, keep going! Jump and touch that branch as many times as you possibly can. Feel the burn through your core, legs, and arms! Jump for about 1-2 minutes depending on your fitness level, and then take a break. Aim to complete about three sets of full-body tree jumps.

4. Run Through the Trails

Nothing beats going for a run! The feeling you experience afterwards is simply unimaginable. You feel so refreshed and instantly full of energy! Make use of nearby trails. The inclines and declines through the pathways can boost the intensity of your workout, burning way more calories than you might being inside on a treadmill. Not to mention the beautiful scenery as you run through nature!

For any workout, especially outside, it’s very important that you practice safety precautions. Always nourish your body with a well-balanced diet, drink lots of water, and consult a physician before you begin any new regimen. Always communicate with family or friends, to let them know that you’ll be exercising outdoors and when you will be returning home. Better yet, why not bring a workout buddy with you?

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