SmartShape Webinars

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre


After your procedure with SmartShape, we recommend you take advantage of our Webinars to learn about the essentials of weight loss success after a procedure. Our registered Dietitian and our Bariatric Education Coach provide education through webinars, with topics such as:


  • Nutrition Principals
  • How to live Successfully After Your Procedure
  • Skin, Nail & Hair Health
  • Nutrition Myths & Facts
  • Dining Out & Ordering In
  • Getting Back on Track
  • Digestive Health, and many other topics.

These Webinars are provided so that you can learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and can interact immediately with our team of professionals to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Numerous studies show that the support of professionals of various disciplines following a bariatric procedure can often mean the difference between being successful or not on your weight loss journey.

Let the Team of pros at SmartShape help you after your procedure – your success is our success!

For more information on the extended Aftercare provided at SmartShape, speak with one of our Program Advisors at (888) 278-7952 today!