Lap-Band Aids in Remission of Type 2 Diabetes

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Studies have shown that the significant weight loss most patients experience with the Lap-Band can resolve the issues of Type 2 Diabetes and in many cases even cause remission.

In 2009, a research study from the New York University School of Medicine followed 95 morbidly obese patients who had the Lap-Band procedure. Based on this study, co-researcher and associate professor, Dr. Christine Ren, concluded that the “study contributes to mounting evidence that demonstrates gastric banding can have a sustained and meaningful effect on diabetes and morbid obesity and that the two diseases are interrelated.”

At SmartShape, we exclusively use the Lap-Band System®, the only gastric band that has been approved by Health Canada to be a source of improvement or remission of Type 2 diabetes through weight-loss. This approval is based on a study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association that showed 73% remission of Type 2 diabetes within 2 years in a group of Lap-Band patients with a BMI of 35+. That compared with only 13% remission in a similar group of patients receiving conventional diabetes medication and lifestyle approaches.

In 2010, according to an interview with the National Post, the Medical Director of SmartShape stated, “It’s well accepted that the risk of diabetes increases as weight increases, but there still seems to be an element of surprise when we tell them that the opposite is also true; that diabetes can be improved or in some cases reversed with weight reduction.”

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