SWLC Hires Wellness Coach

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

SWLC wishes to welcome, Kelly Gibson-Luchich to her recently appointed position as Wellness Coach. Gibson-Luchich was clearly delighted to commence her wellness coaching role with the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre. Furthermore, in accepting the position Kelly identified the opportunity to employ her passion for fitness, health, and wellness.

SWLC recognized that with her training in wellness coaching and further master coaching classes, in addition to an Honours B.Sc. in Psychology and HR Management credentials, Kelly was more than qualified to perform the role of Wellness Coach. Additionally, with experience working at a highly reputable counselling firm supporting clients fraught with various life stressors Kelly has a great deal to offer.

Kelly is personable, charismatic and compassionate. She easily builds rapport with patients while establishing and maintaining exceptional coaching interactions. As a Wellness Coach Kelly listens attentively, offers steadfast support, friendship, empathy and encouragement. She acts as a cheerleader and confidant. She aspires to motivate and may even challenge you. Kelly desires to make the coaching dynamic comfortable, friendly and fun.

Wellness Coaching Supports Weight Loss Treatments

Rest assured Kelly ensures that coaching is all about you. The focus, in its entirety, is about what you want to achieve, how you want to look and feel and what needs to be done to accomplish your objective. Kelly will help you to put the vision of your ideal self into words, making your weight management target clear and attainable. Wellness coaching will help you to develop an ever evolving set of goals and a skill set that will bring about lasting change. What’s more with each coaching session Kelly will assist you in routinely achieving smaller realistic goals on your path toward looking and feeling better. When asked, Kelly noted that the purpose of coaching is to assist patients in identifying priorities, motivators and obstacles in an effort to find their own solutions on the journey to realizing their ultimate weight loss vision.

According to Kelly, the reputable vision and value system of the SWLC is clear and well deserving of praise. She says that she feels privileged that the SWLC has given her the opportunity to coach patients on their journey to look and feel as they so desire.