Terry lost 206 pounds!

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Terry was a compulsive eater; no matter what diet he tried, he couldn’t gain control over what he ate. His compulsive eating behavior had reached the point where it was limiting his ability to participate in activities with his children. Even more concerning was the news that his weight was also threatening his life. At 456 pounds, the weight on Terry’s chest and neck was depriving his brain of oxygen. His doctors warned if he didn’t lose weight he may only have a year to live.

A recommendation from his neurologist in Regina put him in touch with the SmartShape™ Weight Loss Centre located right in Regina, SK.

The consultation was amazing. Not only did he feel confident about the surgeon’s experience, but for the first time in his life Terry felt at ease talking about his weight. “You could tell this man had a heart and did not judge me.” He also received the same compassion and caring from the nurse overseeing his care.

It wasn’t necessarily an easy decision for Terry to get the Lap-Band. He knew he had to make a life change, but he wondered if that meant he would never enjoy the pleasure of eating food again. He has since discovered that he can.

“I love eating — I still get to enjoy all the great foods. My body just knows when I am full.”

Terry was also hesitant to proceed because he thought the Lap-Band procedure was unaffordable for him, but he knew he had no choice. “Now I know it was life-changing… It changed my life and it saved me.” Terry has lost 206 pounds and is no longer a bench-warmer. He’s traveling to exotic destinations and, most importantly, he is able to actively play with his kids!


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