Thinking of going out-of-country for your bariatric surgery? Before you do, you may want to think about some of the additional costs after you pay a bargain price for surgery alone. There are reasons for that ‘bargain’ price – here are some things to consider before you pack your bag:

~ Out-of-country clinics cannot provide you with any after care, should you want or require it – they don’t offer an included aftercare program, i.e., you are buying the procedure and device only. It has been proven that after care is crucial to success. The SmartShape Weight Loss Centre provides the most comprehensive weight loss Aftercare programs in Canada;

~ Their device cost might be low, but the type of device is most often over 10 years old and may lack many important features. These old devices are not sold in Canada and have not been for almost a decade. SmartShape only uses the most up-to-date devices and equipment available;

~ There are no ‘repair’ costs factored in – if a patient from Mexico has a problem, they have to go into the Canadian public system and be treated, often facing long waits and usually seeing someone who is not trained on their procedure nor who has an in-depth knowledge of their case, whereas with SmartShape you see our surgeon directly, before, during and after, without delay or extra cost;

~ Gain a detailed understanding of your insurance coverage if you are considering having surgery outside of Canada, as well as your legal recourse options should you have complications.


These are just a few of the many things you should seriously consider when thinking about having your bariatric surgery out-of-country. The SmartShape team of surgeons and support staff are the best in Canada, helping you every step of the way with the highest level of professionalism and care available anywhere!

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