The Importance of Non-Scale Victories

Female bare feet with weight scale, top view

There it is, sitting in the corner of your bathroom; seemingly innocent, but we all know better.

That daunting inanimate object is pushing you to run, but also pulling you to stay. It’s the shake-in-your-socks (because that’s all you’re wearing!) SCALE!!!

So many of us have established a love/hate relationship with this device.  Over the years it has highlighted our ups and downs both numerically and emotionally.

We at SmartShape wish we could banish this device to deep, dark corners of one’s attic, crawl space, basement, garage, etc. You may find this an odd sentiment coming from a clinic that specializes in bariatric surgery, but take a moment to ponder this: you have made a number of positive lifestyle changes, you are working hard daily to stick to those changes and then, you decide to step on the scale.

Now, you don’t see the number you had expected. How do you feel in that moment? Motivated to keep going? Inspired to push through?

Maybe for a short time some individuals persevere, but for most, this is the moment where we give the scale the power to steal our inspiration and our motivation. This is the moment where we question our lifestyle changes, wonder if it is worth the energy to continue on, and have our temperament impacted. In this moment, the “price” of weighing oneself is too high because the “cost” is our happiness and health.

Instead of looking to the scale for reinforcement, we much rather individuals focus on the Why behind the goal, as well as their Quality of Life changes. 

The Why and our Quality of Life changes keep us fueled and celebrating along the way, because before that number on the scale changes, you may indeed feel your energy improve; before that number on the scale changes, you may notice you need less insulin each day; before that number on the scale changes, you may feel your clothes fitting more comfortably and this is when we all beam with the pride of positive accomplishments and reinforce the lifestyle habits we have incorporated to get to that milestone regardless of the number staring back at you from the scale!


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