Wade’s Story

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre

Wade was a prisoner of his hunger. He felt it was all-consuming, leaving him tired, unmotivated and literally stuck in his chair. No matter what weight loss program or diet he tried, he soon slipped back into his old ways… food won again and again.

 One day Wade had a conversation with a friend who had struggled with addiction. After hearing about his friend’s experiences, Wade realized that he too had a problem and needed help. He was 360 pounds, sneaking food, and lying to his family and to himself about what he was eating. He was unable to control his eating and felt that food was controlling his life. He knew he was a better person than the way he was acting and needed to make a change.

 After a thorough conversation with a surgeon from SmartShape, Wade was confident that the Lap-Band Program was right for him. He was assured that living on the east coast would not be a barrier to him receiving the support and guidance he would need.

 “I felt very confident about my decision…SmartShape is a first class organization.”

 Wade’s biggest concern was how the Lap-Band Program would affect his eating habits. He was prepared to eat less, but not give up enjoying food entirely. The team at SmartShape told him that with the Lap-Band, he would have an entirely different relationship with food – and they were right! Wade participated in webinars and reached out to the SmartShape nurses and dietitian on a regular basis. Truth be told, Wade now enjoys eating even more and makes healthier choices.

 160 pounds lighter… Wade and his wife go for an hour long ‘walk and talk’ every night. They have reconnected and their relationship is the best it has been since they were engaged over 26 years ago.

 “Wade has gone from a prisoner of his hunger to a free man and he couldn’t be happier!”

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