Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

SmartShape Weight Loss Centre
    • Sleep more: Lack of sleep decreases impacts metabolic and hormonal functions that scientists are still trying to figure out. Try to sleep at least 7 hours a night.


    • Eat breakfast: Eating early in the day after awaking helps signal a start to your day for your body’s metabolism. Even a small amount of yogurt and fruit or eggs and toast is better than nothing at all.


    • Continue your caffeine regime: Whether its coffee or tea, maintaining your load will ensure you don’t lose fluid or energy throughout the day so you can physically perform.


    • Exercise at high intensity: To achieve wellness, fitness and help manage caloric loads.


    • Eat protein rich food: Consuming sufficient protein but NOT overloading your body with it can help keep hunger away which means you can get away with eating less, less often!


    • Don’t starve yourself: Evolution has equipped the body with coping mechanisms for times of famine. When the body senses it is not getting enough fuel, it alters the way it manages its metabolic functions!


    • Drink water: Stay hydrated to help overall body function, keep hunger away and support mental function.


Recommended by SmartShape’s Registered Dietitian