We can help you get the bariatric surgery you need.

We recently had someone reach out to us through Facebook, saying they “wished” they could find the money to afford bariatric surgery. We understand that considering a surgical procedure outside of the public health care system can be a daunting thought. We have the tools to help you gain the knowledge you need about the financing side of surgery, in order to make a true, informed and stress-reduced decision on how you may be able to move ahead.

SmartShape is associated with 3 medical financial providers, to offer you options for consideration. We can help you get the answers you need in as little as 4 minutes.

 We can also help you with possible avenues through your insurance provider, or through government grants, federal medical tax credits, or direction on how to open a Registered Health Spending Account (RHSA).

Check out one of our trusted finance providers today!



For more details please visit  http://bit.ly/SmartShapeFinancing and http://bit.ly/GovernmentHealthGrants.