Weight Loss Surgery Really Works

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A recent New England Journal of Medicine paper on obesity points out that “In appropriate patients, bariatric surgery results in long-term weight loss and reductions in the rate of incident diabetes and mortality…..For severely obese persons, bariatric surgery can offer a life-changing, and in some cases lifesaving, treatment.”

The truth of this statement cannot be overstated. All the data currently available overwhelmingly points to the benefits of bariatric surgery for obese individuals.

Although there may be risks (both long- and short-term) involved in weight loss procedures, there are also significant risks if you are suffering from major health issues related to your obesity.  These studies show us that the benefits of bariatric surgery far outweigh the negatives.

We know that weight loss surgery (including lap band surgery) is not a quick fix.  Modern bariatric surgery, when performed on appropriate candidates with correct pre- and post-operative care, is a safe (especially Lap Band surgery) and effective option for individuals who have been told they need to lose weight for health reasons.

The benefits to the patient correspond to the health issues they are facing. The more serious the issues facing the patient, the more positive the outcome.

One of the many reasons that patients should consider weight loss surgery is to reduce the impact of comorbid conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and sleep apnea, to name a few.  This allows patients to thereby improve their health and their quality of life.  We each have only one life – it makes sense to enhance how long we live and our enjoyment of it. Bariatric surgery helps severely obese individuals to do just that.