“Why did I wait so long?” – James’ Story

Since I was 25-30 years old weight has been an issue. I work shifts and eating is usually fast food at the worst times of day. I will clearly say, I am addicted to eating! Large portions of the yummiest food was my problem. A rack of ribs, a whole Subway with extra meat and 3 or 4 cookies. It was nothing to eat 25 fried wings and a bowl of veggies at a pub. Four slices of PizzaPizza was simple, followed with a donut or 3. I ate like a horse!!

I was prompted to have bariatric surgery for several reasons……the biggest reason was that my blood sugar was all over the map…. I wasn’t feeling well one day and found out there was an issue when it was found to be just over 20! I started Metformin 2 times a day with another one before I ate a meal. That got it under control but it was still around 8 to 9. The high blood sugar was changing the prescription of my glasses and I noticed other subtle changes. I noticed when I had fruit drinks (on holiday in Mexico) I would break out and get chafing. My knees were sore and my feet were killing me. I had knee surgery in my left knee and I need it in my right one. I broke my foot a few years ago and I have pins and screws which I could feel every step. My back had issues and going up stairs was horrible. Sleeping wasn’t great as, with a huge belly, no position seemed comfortable. I would snore and wake up through the night. I have tried diets like Bernstein, Poon, Keto, low carbs and several other attempts at losing weight. All worked and I dropped to around 240 to 250 pounds. As soon as I slowed down and switched to a maintenance plan…. the weight would come back on plus some.

My friend had the Gastric Sleeve in Boston 5 years ago and said we were the exact same body size …. then he showed me his pictures. After a hailstorm of questions and my own research I was ready. I searched reviews of doctors and locations. I researched the options and felt the best idea for me seemed to be limiting food intake without rerouting anything. I spoke to my family doc about it and he suggested the SmartShape Surgeon. He was someone I had already researched so next came a call to SmartShape J

I chose SmartShape based on the reviews I found by other patients on Facebook groups, the history of the SmartShape Surgeon, and that the location was very close to my home. Immediately after the first visit I was super comfortable the way the staff treated new patients, with a welcoming non-judgemental pleasantness. A TOTALLY AWESOME experience!

The Gastric Sleeve was the best thing I have ever done…. I am very, very happy with the results and have recommended a couple of people to SmartShape. Only ONE regret….. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG BEFORE DOING IT!

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