Why Eat Pumpkins?

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Why Eat Pumpkins?!

Pumpkins are a type of squash that are originally from North America. They are extremely popular during October and often forgotten the other 11 months.

Pumpkins are rich on Vitamin A which helps your eyes and skin stay strong & healthy, they can help you reduce the risk of some diseases and fight the signs of aging. Pumpkins also contains iron that carries oxygen to body parts, prevents fatigue, helps children & babies grow and develop. Lastly pumpkins have lots of protein which is needed in parts of every cell in your body. Proteins are needed to build and repair muscle, tissue, skin, nails, hair and helps build hormones and enzymes.

When shopping for pumpkins look for small pumpkins with firm and smooth orange skin, avoid pumpkins with cracks and bruises. Store them in a cool, dry place. If they are cut, refrigerate them in a plastic and use within five days. Cooked pumpkins can be frozen for up to 10 months.

Source: www.eatrightontario.ca