Why Fad Dieting is Unhealthy and Does Not Work

These days, it’s hard to log on to a social platform, open a magazine, or turn on your television without hearing about the newest fad diet. Fad diets can be dangerous for many reasons. Usually, they might suggest you eat in ways that don’t compliment your body or they restrict your diet in unhealthy ways.

Fad diets might have you cutting out carbs, drinking pepper water, or meticulously counting every calorie. Usually, they are difficult to stick with and don’t produce results. Thankfully, a poor diet plan is not difficult to spot.


Spotting Bad Diet Plans

The first thing you’ll notice is the words and phrases fad diets use to catch your eye. If they seem to make grandiose claims like, “Lose weight in your sleep” or if they promise a “simple trick” to change your weight, they are likely too good to be true. Keep an eye out for promises and buzzwords that a diet couldn’t possibly meet, like fasting, time-restrictions, detoxing or cleansing, diets, antioxidants, or superfoods. These are often marketing buzzwords used to draw people in, but don’t have any nutritional or weight loss effects.


Don’t Polarize Your Diet

Everything you put in your body matters. Your body needs all types of nutrients to be healthy and functional. Many fad diets will claim that one food group or another is bad for your body and that you should avoid them completely. While it’s true you should moderate salty, sugary, or starchy foods, the idea of cutting a food group out forever is not realistic. This is where people stumble, get discouraged, and ultimately, give up on a diet.

You might even see some diets call one food group, mineral, vitamin, etc. “good” while a slight variation is “bad”. Labeling something as bad for you will only make you want it more. these polarizing buzzwords have an impact on your outlook and how you feel about your weight loss journey. Yo-yoing is never a good idea, whether it be with your weight or your emotions.


Stress Doesn’t Count

Newbie dieters might think the best way to lose weight is through some form of starvation. While putting your body into a pseudo-starvation state might make you shed weight, you’ll likely gain it all back and then some once you quit the diet. It also puts an unhealthy strain on your body. It all comes down to the fact that you aren’t making a healthy change, your body simply isn’t getting enough fuel. It’s more about making healthier choices rather than simply eating less often.


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