Workout Motivation Tips that Actually Work

Happy women jogging

The second hardest part of losing weight is getting started. The hardest part is staying on track. If you cannot stay motivated to a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits, you cannot expect to succeed.

There are plenty of tips to help you stay motivated, like keeping a journal or download a weight loss app or two, but making and sticking with a weight loss plan is all about tailoring to your specific lifestyle.


Remember Why You Do It

Many people get discouraged from exercise because they simply don’t like doing it. They’d rather do something else. To keep yourself motivated, remind yourself why you exercise. They might be keeping up with your children, improving your confidence, or preventing diabetes. Your doctor likely has plenty of ideas as to why you should lose weight, but the best motivation will come from yourself.


Find an Exercise You Enjoy

If you’ve never enjoyed running, what are the odds you’re going to start popping out of bed at 5 am for a morning jog? Don’t build an exercise routine around what you think you should do, but around what you enjoy doing. Do you prefer to be inside or outside? Would you rather be in a gym or at home? Start with what makes you comfortable and build from there.


Set the Right Expectations

Weight loss is gradual – even after weight-loss surgery. you’re not going to wake up in the body you’ve always wanted. Set multiple, reachable goals for yourself, and don’t forget to celebrate your successes!


Set A Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Is it better to work out in the morning or at night? The truth is, the best time to work out is whenever it best fits your lifestyle. It’s more important that you set a time that you are likely to stick with. Yo-yoing–be it with diets or exercise–leads to weight gain.


Find Support

Giving yourself positive feedback and celebrating your successes is important but having others around you rooting you along will exponentially increase your chances of success. If possible, work out with a friend or family member. Talk about your feelings and frustrations. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this with friends and family, find a support group to chat with other bariatric patients–either in person or online.

The only way to achieve lasting weight-loss success is to stay motivated. Weight-loss surgery can help you on your journey, but it is not a cure-all solution. People find different factors to be motivational and helpful, but perhaps the most important thing to remember is to stay positive, use the proper tools, and keep a healthy support system.


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