Arlene lost 50 pounds!

When your life changes, you have to change with it and that’s exactly what Arlene did! After a back injury left Arlene physically incapable of working and exercising, she quickly started to put on weight. She tried to watch what she ate, but she always felt hungry and needed large portions to satisfy her. With 200 pounds weighing on her small 5 ft 3 frame and exacerbating her back pain, she knew she needed to make a change.

Luckily, Arlene had a friend who had chosen the LAP-BAND® procedure at SmartShape and she shared her story with Arlene. Her friend’s need for larger portions was a thing of the past and she convinced Arlene that the LAP-BAND® could work for her too. Arlene contacted the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre and spoke with a program advisor. After a reassuring consult with one of the surgeons, she made a change for the better!

“I can’t say enough good things about how the clinic is run.”

Arlene had a genuine affinity for her surgeon and she greatly appreciated how the anesthetist put her at ease and was sympathetic towards her fears. To this day, the coaches at SmartShape continue to give her guidance on how to live with the LAP-BAND®. “I’m only human – I still need help sometimes!” Living in rural northern Ontario, Arlene feels the coaches are within reach and she often seeks advice and support.

Arlene enjoys eating more than ever and has lost 50 pounds! Before the LAP-BAND® procedure she felt like a constant failure because she couldn’t control how much she ate. Now she eats healthy portions and is completely satisfied after her meals. She even enjoys a treat once in a while without feeling stressed or ashamed.

Arlene and her before image
“After my own family physician congratulated me on my success, I told him, it’s really not that hard when you’re not starving.”

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