Carrol lost 100 lbs!

After 10 years of yo-yo dieting, Carrol was closing in on 300 lbs and knew she had to try something different. The team at SmartShape gave Carrol the help she needed to lose the weight for good!

Carrol was a passionate, energetic person. Full of love for her family, friends and her job, her positive nature was almost contagious. But, as she gained more and more weight, she felt less energized and started to pull back. Travelling was once something she loved, but she found herself making excuses to not go on trips. She felt it was easier to be her outgoing self on the phone, than in person. Carrol chose to stay home more and watching TV alone on the sofa become her hobby; it was easier than getting out and engaging.

When her family from England came to visit, Carrol didn’t have a choice. Determined to take them out and show them a good time, she exhausted herself to the point of fearing heart failure. Carrol was short of breath, sweating, but still with a brave smile on her face. It was then her beloved brother said, “Sis, you have got to do something about your weight”. That honest plea from her baby brother was all she needed to start on her journey.

After researching a few weight loss clinics, Carrol selected SmartShape. She found the staff second to none; knowledgeable, caring, tactful, and they took the time to explain things to her. In addition, her phone and email correspondence with her surgeon reassured her further that this was the right fit. Carrol was ready for the LAP-BAND® Program at SmartShape!

“SmartShape is like no other weight loss center. The staff is supportive and really gets to know you. The help they provided was beyond my wildest expectations. ”

Now, 100 lbs lighter, Carrol has rediscovered her energy. Her passion for life is fully amped up! She is dating, getting out with her friends, working out at the gym and is travelling extensively for work. Carrol has found a new way to love food – CHEW, CHEW, CHEW that delivers better taste and greater satisfaction!

The support Carrol received from the SmartShape team was amazing and she is so proud of what she has accomplished! Carrol loves her success and now she’s ready for anything!

Carrol and her before photo
“I’m proud of myself. I’ve come a long way, with a little help from my Band!”

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