Chantel lost 160 pounds!

Chantel is a happy, outgoing, confident woman who enjoys an active social life and rewarding career. She feels like her future is full of opportunities! This is a big change from Chantel at age 22.

From the time she was a child, Chantel struggled with her weight. She dealt with years of failed attempts at fad diets, weight loss programs, gym memberships, and medically supervised weight loss regimes. By the time 325 pounds encased her five-foot three-inch frame, Chantel no longer had the energy to participate in the sports she loved and felt socially withdrawn. She knew she needed to try a different approach. That’s when she decided the Lap-Band was right for her.

“I wanted to be successful and competitive.”

When she met with the surgeon at the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre, he put her at ease with his calm bedside manner. She felt like he sincerely wanted to help her be healthy. Reassured that she was in good hands, she decided to have the Lap-Band procedure. To Chantel, it was like purchasing health insurance.

It wasn’t always an easy journey, but Chantel kept her goal of achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight top of mind. If she needed encouragement, the nurses and dietitian at SmartShape were always available to help her stay on track.

Before the Lap-Band, Chantel had never lost more than 30 pounds. Now celebrating over seven years of being banded, Chantel is proud to say that she has lost 160 pounds — for good! Confident that she has the right tool, she looks forward to a healthy life without the physical and emotional restrictions of being overweight.

Chantel with her before photo
“I needed to get my confidence back; I needed to lose so that I could win!”

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