Darlene lost 100 pounds!

On January 23, 2009, Darlene had the LAP-BAND® procedure at the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre. This is the place where she finally found nurses and doctors who understood her and where she began a new life at age 46.

Before the procedure, Darlene had a body image that made her feel unhappy and invisible, despite trying weight loss programs from the time she was just nine years old. Sure, she’d lose weight — only to regain it faster than she took it off. Healthy diets and exercise were no match for this emotional overeater.

After seeing a Christmas photo of herself, Darlene realized that at 279 pounds she was obese and heart disease might be just around the corner. Other members of her family had already dealt with this reality. It was time to take control.

Months after the LAP-BAND® procedure, Darlene kept waiting for it to fail. She was shocked that she wasn’t regaining weight. She just kept losing! For once in her life she was experiencing sustained weight loss without the feeling of being hungry! Darlene now celebrates the date of this life-changing procedure as her new birthday.

The best part is that not only has Darlene lost 100 pounds, but her blood pressure, heart rate, and bad cholesterol are also at healthy levels. Even her good cholesterol is better than it’s ever been, and her triglycerides are very low. After 37 years of food controlling her life, Darlene wishes she had contacted the SmartShape Weight Loss Centre sooner. Darlene now eats to live, rather than lives to eat.

Darlene with her before photo
“My son said, ‘You can have the surgery now or have surgery that’s not in your control later.'”

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