Risk of Pancreatic Cancer Linked to Obesity

Obesity is a worldwide epidemic that only continues to grow, the World Health Organization (WHO) states on their website.[1] It can not only alter your quality of life, but it can cause serious medical conditions as well.

According to a recent article published on CTV News, it was discovered that pancreatic cancer can be linked to people who were overweight or obese in their teens and early adulthood.[2]

“Researchers in Ontario tracked more than 300 people who developed cancer of the pancreas, one of the deadliest cancers,” Author and journalist Avis Favaro states in the article. “They compared the body mass index (BMI) of those with pancreatic cancer with the BMI of more than 1,200 healthy adults. Researchers compared BMI at four stages of life: adolescence, during their 20s and 30s, during their 40s and 50s, and over the age of 50.”

Through this study, published in the journal Cancer Causes Control, the researchers found that people who were overweight or obese during their teens or early adulthood (20s or 30s) were 50 per cent more likely to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer later in life.

Why is a higher BMI linked to this type of cancer?

Unfortunately, scientists and researchers do not actually know why having a higher BMI during the earlier years of life is linked to pancreatic cancer.

Some think that weight gain may be linked to chronic inflammation, insulin resistance and altered intestinal bacteria, all of which may increase the risk of cancer. However, they are not sure of this.

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