The Importance of Follow-Up Care

Doctor checking a female patient's heart using a stethoscope.

Sun! Sand! Sleeves? Margaritas and MGBs?

There are many alluring aspects of heading south, including the reduced cost of surgery; however, we can’t stress enough how a surgery itself is insufficient at improving one’s health and wellness.  Setting aside the issue that out-of-country surgeries are not subject to the same vigilant approval systems, inspection criteria, or even surgical techniques, the fact that there is no follow-up care whatsoever is one of the most significant differentiating principles between SmartShape and the others.

The Downside to Traveling for Surgery

We can’t tell you how many times we have picked up a tearful voicemail, read a heart-wrenching email, or spoken to a quivering individual who is imploring SmartShape take them on as a patient because they had a procedure elsewhere and are now trying to cope with the post-operative management of their surgery with no one to help them along the way.

Can you imagine the fear that ensues when someone looks down at their incision site to see it oozing with puss? Can you imagine the anxiety that sets in when someone asks themselves “what is the difference between a full fluid and puree?” or “what supplements should I be taking?” How about the confusion that arises when they are not sensing an absence of hunger as they had expected, or losing the weight like they thought? Who can they trust to be an expert in their field in order to address their questions accurately and completely?  No one.

Follow-Up Care Lasts Longer than Just After Surgery

Follow-up care does not just refer to those first few days or weeks after surgery; rather, the months and years thereafter.  Follow-up care is there when you get a new job that involves travel so you can’t prepare your food at home, or you are an empty-nester for the first time in decades and need to learn to cook for 2 rather than 4, or you lose a loved one or go through a divorce where we help you brainstorm nutritious intakes to have when truly hungry as opposed to emotional eating. When life becomes challenging in a new or different way; when it forces you to face the most arduous hurdles, you have the guidance of experts to help optimize your lifestyle.

The next time you are considering the hop, skip and a jump to whatever destination for surgery, consider the importance of your follow-up care.

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