Workout and Exercise Planning for Bariatric Weight Loss Patients

Young woman lifting weights

Once you’ve undergone bariatric weight loss surgery, you’ve taken a very important step towards a healthier lifestyle. You are moving on the right path, though you are still at the beginning of your journey.

After surgery, you’ll need to follow your doctor’s instruction, as everyone’s activity levels and abilities will be different. You should also set up a proper nutrition plan and exercise routine.


Mobility Immediately After Bariatric Surgery

It is important to begin slowly. You might feel like you’ll want to hit the ground running and get active, but your body will be healing and sore. Stay away from abdominal exercises and heavy lifting. As you begin to get active, go for short walks, and trust your body when it tells you to rest. Safely test your pain tolerance and build up to more movement.

Don’t stay immobile while you heal. Getting active after your surgery will help you heal and encourage circulation–which reduces your risk of blood clots. It’s also important to remember that your body is getting used to a lowered calorie intake, so even though you might not feel hungry, you might feel fatigued.


The First Months After Surgery

After you begin the healing process, it’s time to introduce some cardiovascular exercise into your routine. This will help you burn calories and gain more energy. Begin with 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. As you build up your exercise routine, listen to your body, and rest as needed. Remember that your body is changing, and although you shouldn’t quit, you don’t need to overexert yourself to stay on track. If you feel difficulty breathing or a tightening in your chest, take a rest, and drink some water.


Building a Healthy Lifestyle 

Perhaps the most difficult part of your weight loss journey is sticking with an exercise routine. Staying motivated and positive is tough, especially in the early stages when joint pain, fatigue, and routine changes threaten to take over your healthy new lifestyle. SmartShape is the only weight loss clinic to offer an extensive 5-year AfterCare Program included in the cost of your procedure to help you get on track–and stay on track–to a healthier lifestyle.

Our doctors are available 24/7 to help create an individualized plan for your nutrition and activity. As you move forward in your weight loss journey, we help you incorporate strength and flexibility activities as well as cardiovascular exercises. We also encourage that you choose activities you enjoy, which will keep you motivated better than mundane exercises, giving you a higher chance of success.

Remember, the transition to a healthier lifestyle is a journey, nor a race! It might not be an overnight change, but the shift to a healthier lifestyle will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Contact SmartShape Weight Loss Centre to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation.